Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Sebelas Maret University Cultural Fest. Ahyaa and me.
Random. I love him so much.
Those make up(s) made me feel uncomfortable also I felt heavy(?)

Well this is just a random post made by me, also actually I want to tell you readers, a lot of my life but my English is not good enough and I am too lazy to type because some of my keyboard buttons are stupid.

Now I enjoy my real life so I rare to make a post here, you can keep in touch with me on my Twitter, or Instagram. A few weeks ago I found someone who asked for my FB account on my ask.fm, I will not approve any friend request from anyone who doesnt close to me and you cant add me in FB if we dont have mutual friend so good luck.

And please if you want to give a fuck on my ask.fm, provide your name. I feel annoyed by those anons. Thank you and this is enough.

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Ameni Nazaretha said...

asli kak letth unyu bangeeet <3